I ran out of Income,… Export your Services.

Today, those of us who provide services have been greatly affected by the impact of the new low-contact economy, since this implies not being able to provide the service as we have been doing in the traditional way, even services such as public transportation will have restrictions, all of which affects our income and therefore puts us all in search of new options.

A large number of friends, acquaintances and clients constantly ask me what can I do now, and I answer them immediately with the following statement “Export Your Services” and in most cases they make a face of disbelief at not having contemplated that option in their list of possible solution options to continue generating income mainly because they do not know how to do it, since what they do today they do it well, they just have never exported it.

The World Trade Organization in its 2019 edition dedicates its edition to “The Future of Trade in Services” (https://www.wto.org/) and aptly comments the following: “Services have become the backbone of the global economy and the most dynamic component of international trade”; global trade in services has grown faster than merchandise trade to reach a value of US$13.3 trillion in 2017.

New technologies have facilitated the participation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in services trade. 

Demographic changes and the pandemic will increase the demand for online services and the share of services in world trade is likely to increase by 50% by 2040, so WHAT ARE WE EXPECTING?

The following are examples of friends and clients who are already exporting their services, some of which coincide with the graph in the World Trade Organization’s Annual Report that I am referencing below:

  • Delivery service to small distributors in the USA: a Mexican delivery company in the Bajio region made an incursion last year delivering products to its clients in McAllen, Texas.
  • Information Technology Services in the USA: There I have several friends and customers who currently export software, systems training and consulting, by the way, very successful.
  • Tourist Services in various countries of the World: I know several colleagues who make tours to various parts of the world, with whom by the way I have already been served by him and he practically travels more than 8 months a year earning money and having fun.
  • Teaching Services in Argentina: Today I was approached by a company that provides teaching services in Argentina to provide course management services and I am linking it so that local specialists can export courses to Argentina.
  • Health Services: It is well known that many Mexican doctors travel to Houston to give consultations, generating of course income in dollars.
  • As you can see, trade in services can be a powerful engine for economic growth, development and poverty reduction, and today is a great time to take the opportunity and for this it is only necessary to prepare ourselves and lose the fear of contacting potential customers and export our services to them.

“Be one of the Thousand New Exporting Companies of Guanajuato”.

(COFOCE’s Six-Year Goal 2018-2024)

Roberto Sánchez M.

Source: https://enfoquecanaluno.com/me-quede-sin-ingresos-exporta-tus-servicios/