Integral use of Agave in the State of Guanajuato.

  • Develop profitable, sustainable, and transformative projects.
  • Develop a financial, participatory and shareholding model.
  • Maximize the Impact of the Investment with innovative projects.

SmartProject launching a $36 million seed investment fund in Mexico that follows an active investment model based on partnering with passionate entrepreneurs passionate about biotechnology and IT, based on our decades of experience in building, managing and investing in agribusiness and IT companies.

Company specialized in the management of international funds for humanitarian projects, supporting the development and implementation of high impact projects in Mexico and the USA.

It is a new supplier of lithium hydroxide for batteries for the North American and European Electric Vehicle markets with latest generation facilities.

Residential Development

Urban development project and residential subdivision in the city of Salamanca, Gto. of 419,985.86 m2.

Is a provider of online valuation services for companies, especially for startups. Our platform allows entrepreneurs, investors, venture capital firms and any type of user to obtain a valuation of their business in a fast, simple and above all, complete way. Our valuation reports, thanks to their transparency and detail, allow you to understand exactly what factors add value to the company and support the negotiation process in an investment round.

Spanish-language information and communication channel that generates a positive impact on society.

Based on the truthfulness and opportunity to communicate relevant political, social, cultural and sports content.

Export and International Business Consulting

We are a strategic part in the internationalization of Guanajuato SMEs to enter the market of Texas, USA, being the main strength of this bi-nationality.


“Business model for an animal protein trading company.”

We convert agricultural and forestry residues into energy for industry and commerce. Achieving savings of 30 to 50% in fuel for furnaces and boilers.

Pellet Bio factory: Pet food line, biofuel pellets and more

Silver microparticles suspended in distilled water.

Produce and transform high quality farm products, so that we can feed the world with 100% natural products.


Specialized training program

Commercialization of Wooden Shutters, NeoLux, Rollers, Mini blinds and Horizontal Wooden Shutters for homes and offices providing style and elegance to every space, giving a touch of innovation and originality.

The 1st Balanced Feed Factory that takes advantage of the waste of Agave stalks, being a 100% sustainable and innovative company with high nutritional quality for cattle, sheep and goats.

Top quality Agave Tequilana plantation, cultivated in lands with the best maintenance conditions to provide excellent performance to its investors, since all its production is committed to world class tequilas.

Hotel with tradition in the city of Irapuato that offers first class services, combining comfort and vanguard facilities, where attention, warmth and care are its hallmark.

Group of companies focused on innovation in education, science and technology focused on the student and the full development of his or her potential to contribute to a better world.


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