Take care of your Brand, it’s what makes you Valuable.

Today the most valuable brand in the world is Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/) with 415
billion US dollars, followed by Apple and Microsoft and for the first time 2 Chinese companies
appear, Alibaba competitor of Amazon and Tencent that provides internet services and
(Source: Statista).

In Mexico we often name our businesses and forget that our consumers recognize us as we give
value to our brand, we always say we go to tacos “Los Güeros” or “El Capi” seafood or “La Lonja”
butcher shop, the large number of small businesses that over the years have been consolidating
their brands, Today I invite you to make an effort to venture into the digital market, since the new
economy of “Little Contact” is forcing us to do so and it is a great opportunity to consolidate your
brands since the digital market is much larger than what each business had in a physical way.

“Behind every problem there is always an opportunity”
Roberto Sánchez M.